Beekeeping Gear

Beekeeping Gear

If you’re just starting out, or have been Beekeeping for years, it’s essential you have the right gear to do the job.

For our Beekeeping gear reviews, we search the web to find the best gear available for our readers. Then we read reviews from multiple users, so we can see a wide range of opinions both good and bad. Only then do we make our recommendations.

From full Beekeeping suits to easy to construct hive kits, BeekeepingABC is your source for trustworthy reviews and recommendations!

The Flow Hive 2 Review [ Vs. The Classic Flow Hive]

The Flow Hive 2 The concept of the Flow Hive beehive has impressed novice beekeepers ever since it first launched. The idea of “honey on tap” was intriguing to those that wanted a more convenient way to get their honey and an accessible route into the hobby. The original Flow […]

Our Top 3 Unassembled Bee Hive Kits

In recent years, bee populations have been decreasing at an alarming rate. Factors such as the epidemic of colony collapse disorder, drastic climatic changes and mite infestations have all contributed to their dwindling numbers. So what can you do to ensure that these industrious beings don’t become extinct? Well, one […]

How To Make A Bee Frame

How to Make Bee Frames from Scratch Assembling bee frames is a simple process, but it can be challenging for a new beekeeper. There are different types of frames, depending on your hive configuration. Wooden bee frames come in kits for easy assembly, but they may vary from one vendor […]

Our Top 5 Best Beekeeping Books

You can find all the information you need about bees and the art of beekeeping on the Internet. Essentially, anything you want to know about starting this activity is out there on a certain website. However, sorting through all this data to get what you need can be difficult; not […]