uk beekeeping rules and regulations

UK Beekeeping Rules and Regulations

If you’re thinking about starting your journey in beekeeping, or have plans to expand your current beekeeping operations to something a little more than a personal hobby, there are some key rules and regulations you need to go over:

Bees Act 1980

Covers the government’s powers of the control of pests and diseases affecting bees. Essential reading for beekeepers who are thinking of expanding and investing in multiple hives.

The Bee Diseases and Pests Control (England) Order 2006

Made in accordance with the Bees Act 1980, this covers rules and laws about disease management, the importing of bees from outside the UK, and other disease and pest procedures. A key takeaway from this document is that UK beekeepers need to know that if one of the mentioned pest/ disease problems arise, they must contact the local bee inspector at once.

It’s always wise to reach out to your local Beekeepers Association, as they’re filled with great people who are happy to help fellow beekeepers, novice to pro alike!

Selling Honey in the UK – Rules and Regulations

If you’re thinking of selling honey in the UK, there are several regulations you’ll need to consider before listing your honey for sale.

Here are the key regulations you need to review:

The Honey Regulations

Covers areas such as the definition of “honey” and different types of honey, product names and descriptions, compositional requirements, additional labelling requirements, enforcement, and other miscellaneous provisions.

The EU Honey Directive

Details a control plan to assess the prevalence of honeys adulterated with sugars and honey mislabelled in regard to their botanical source or geographical origin.

Food Labelling Regulations

Covers how to label your food packaging products and the legal requirements that you have to follow as a food business.

Food and Environmental Protection Legislation

Convers regulations relating to pesticides and substances, preparations and organisms prepared or used for the control of pests or for protection against pests.

Food Safety Legislation

Provides the framework for all food legislation in the England, Wales and Scotland.

Veterinary Medicines Legislation

The Veterinary Medicines Regulations set out the UK controls on veterinary medicines, including their manufacture, advertising, marketing, supply and administration.

You can find more information on the website.

For more tips, tricks, and guides on beekeeping, check out our beekeeping section!


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