A Beginners Guide To Extracting Honey

In the past, honey was consumed as is, in its natural state. Extracting it destroyed the nest and also made the honey contain impurities and residues of wax. Today, the use of an extractor makes it possible to get honey without damaging the honeycomb, while also recovering almost all the […]

The ABCs Of Beekeeping – A Guide For Beginners

Whether you’re in it for the honey or to flourish your garden, beekeeping is an incredible outdoor hobby and a perfect opportunity to widen your nature-loving horizon. Moreover, the satisfaction of maintaining an entire functioning colony is un-bee-livable! Unfortunately, for a beginner, it can be rather confusing to take up […]

How To Clean Out A Dead Bee Hive

Ask any beekeeper and they’ll tell you: the worst thing that can possibly happen when you’re raising bees, whether for commercial use or just as a hobby, is having a hive die out on you. It can be sad, and even frustrating when you find no signs of life in […]

Your Bee Hive Is Dead – What Now?

For a novice beekeeper- who’s just gotten a new swarm of honeybees- the thought of opening a hive to find a whole colony wiped out is devastating. But if you’re a seasoned beekeeper, you probably know that this can happen, particularly during winter. Like the home of any other living […]

MiteAway Quick Strips Problems and How to Prevent Them

Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystems. They pollinate flowers, crops and trees, which then serve as food and even shelter for other creatures. Sadly, they face several threats, the greatest of which is the varroa mite. These are external parasites, which thrive by sucking hemolymph from adult bees […]

6 Ways To Keep Ants Out Of Your Hives

Ants are like those overly friendly neighbors who go a little overboard. You let them borrow a cup of sugar one day, and before you know it, they’re having breakfast at your home every morning. The majority of ant species behave in this manner. They invade when your colony is […]

How To Build A Hive Top Feeder

One of the best things about keeping bees is that these insects lead very independent lifestyles. Once they’ve formed a colony, they’ll be able to move and retrieve all kinds of resources from far and wide. They’ll also be in a position to make honey for their future needs. As […]

How to use a bee smoker

How to Use a Bee Smoker As a beekeeper, there are several tools that you must use to keep your hive in perfect shape. One of them is a bee smoker. Even with the gentlest bees, you still need to have a smoker nearby. You’ll probably realize that you need […]

How many brood boxes should a hive have?

How Many Brood Boxes should a Hive Have? Setting up a new hive isn’t easy, especially for a beginner beekeeper. After buying all the necessary equipment, there’s still the question of whether you want to use all your brood boxes and supers or not. Offering the bees a place to […]